14-24 nov 2024
DocLab Live: Microbes, Machines, and Ahorse!
DocLab Live: Microbes, Machines, and Ahorse!
In the grand narrative of existence, we find ourselves surrounded by all kinds of alienating creatures. From the tiniest organic microbes to new forms of machine intelligence looking for patterns in our human behaviours. This one-off live event brings them all together under the fulldome of the ARTIS-Planetarium, accompanied by music composed by Gustavo Trujilo and performed live by Maya Fridman. 

With microbiologists Remco Kort and Wim van Egmond we discover the symbiosis between microbes and all other forms of life on earth. Then, Hazal Ertukan and Dutch sensory art collective Polymorf present the Microbiome Restaurant, a bio art experience that invites audiences to celebrate their own bodies as complex ecosystems and a wonderful  feeding ground for various other lifeforms.  

From there, we move from the microscopic gaze to the cold eyes of artificial intelligence, as we watch a special fulldome version of The Vivid Unknown. For this unique project, media artist John Fitzgerald and the renowned filmmaker Godfrey Reggio used machines and algorithms to reinvent Reggio’s groundbreaking 1982 documentary Koyaanisqatsi and explore the evolving relationship between humans, technology and nature.  

Finally, we bring tribute to the late filmmaker Wendela Scheltema (a.k.a. Wendy Gutman) and her majestic virtual essay on media and human perception Ahorse! Originally launched as a virtual reality installation in 2018 at IDFA DocLab, this is the world premiere of the fulldome version, lovingly created by Scheltema, ARTIS-Planetarium, WemakeVR and the help of many others.


This richly cinematic fulldome piece presents an alternative history of human imagination, focused on our depiction of the horse from the beginning of time to a virtual future. 
The Vivid Unknown

The Vivid Unknown

What happens when you feed an AI system the groundbreaking 1982 documentary Koyaanisqatsi? This interactive installation, shaped by the past and the actions of visitors, is a reflection on the consequences of AI in the near future.
IDFA DocLab: Phenomenal Friction
With this year's theme Phenomenal Friction, DocLab explores friction in all its forms. The exhibition program invites audiences to look beyond technological efficiency and convenience, to explore the resistance that can propel creativity forward and the conflict that reveals life's complexities.
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(this conversation is) Off the Record

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