14-24 nov 2024
Youth 13+: Love, Your Neighbour & Another Body
Youth 13+: Love, Your Neighbour & Another Body

Another Body is about a young woman, Taylor, who finds deepfakes of her circulating online. Someone has pasted her face onto actresses in porn videos. When everyone thinks these videos are real, Taylor starts looking for the perpetrator. An important film that takes us into Taylor's online and offline worlds, humanizing an urgent but under-discussed issue facing millions of young women and girls.

Love, Your Neighbour is a quirky short centred around the filmmaker himself as he returns to hisfamily home in Durban, South Africa. He realises that his upmarket neighbourhood is filled with high walls, electric fences, security cameras and aggressive 'beware of the dog' signs. The only way to get to know his neighbours is through their intercoms. 

Love, Your Neighbour

Love, Your Neighbour

Age section 13+ year. When Jethro Westraad returns to Durban, South Africa during the COVID pandemic, he realizes that his neighbors have been living in isolation all along. Through their intercom, he starts conversations about guard dogs, racial profiling and security.
Another Body

Another Body

Age section 13+ year. What impact does it have on your life to discover pornographic deepfakes of yourself? Engineering student Taylor hunts for the perpetrator in a report about online misogyny and inadequate legislation.
IDFA Competition for Youth Documentary
The IDFA Competition for Youth Documentary offers world-class films that challenge the definition of youth documentary. Selected titles are presented for two distinct age groups: 9- to 12-year-olds, and 13-year-olds all the way to adulthood.
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And a Happy New Year

And a Happy New Year

Sebastian Mulder
21 min
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