14-24 nov 2024
Youth 9-12: Girls' Stories & And a Happy New Year
Youth 9-12: Girls' Stories & And a Happy New Year
In And a Happy New Year, people are preparing for the big moment at twelve. Especially in the Netherlands, where everyone has fireworks at home. Only this time we get to see it all through dogs’ eyes. This film quite literally adopts the canine perspective. How do dogs experience this festive night? And can humans keep them calm? In Girls’ Stories, we meet friends Jagoda and Zuzia, about to hit puberty. They love hanging out, discussing and ridiculing school rules, love and relationships, first periods, breasts and girl-unfriendly dances. The two girls are smart, witty and not afraid to tackle uncomfortable subjects. Really interesting for everyone who is a girl – and everyone who isn't.
Girls’ Stories

Girls’ Stories

Age section 9-12 year. A coming-of-age film about two Polish best friends on the threshold of their teenage years—an exciting period in which children’s games make way for more serious school concerns and philosophizing about first periods and love.
And a Happy New Year

And a Happy New Year

Age section 9-12 year. Without commentary, but still loud and clear, this short documentary shows how animals experience fireworks on New Year’s Eve.  We follow the mounting stress of animals and their owners, from the perspective of dogs wearing GoPros.
IDFA Competition for Youth Documentary
The IDFA Competition for Youth Documentary offers world-class films that challenge the definition of youth documentary. Selected titles are presented for two distinct age groups: 9- to 12-year-olds, and 13-year-olds all the way to adulthood.
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And a Happy New Year

And a Happy New Year

Sebastian Mulder
21 min
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