13-24 nov 2024
IDFA 2023
New Media exhibition & program

New Media exhibition & program

Dive into innovative digital storytelling and immersive non-fiction at IDFA DocLab's exhibition and program of live events.

DocLab, IDFA's platform for interactive documentary art pushes the boundaries of how we perceive and engage with non-fiction narratives by blending art, reality and technology. This seventeenth edition, themed "Phenomenal Friction," returns to the heart of Amsterdam, showcasing digital art, AI installations, games, XR projects, live events, and experimental forms of theatre and storytelling.

Below you will find practical information about visiting DocLab 2023 including ticket sales.


Free admission – Flemish Cultural Center De Brakke Grond

De Brakke Grond is the main location of the IDFA DocLab program. Here you can play, discover, and experience a selection of the best new interactive documentaries, digital art installations, VR, AR, AI, games, and performances. More information about the exhibition. 
To secure a free exhibition ticket, you must register online.

Nov 10–18 | 11:30–20:30
Nov 19 | 11:30–18:00

Guided tour: experience a 30-minute taster tour of the IDFA DocLab exhibition. Meeting point: Brakke Grond foyer. Max. 15 p.p. per tour, register at the information desk. Free of charge with a valid exhibition ticket. Mon 13 Nov until Sat 18 Nov | 16.00 - 16:30 

Special Installations & Performances

Ticketed admission – Arti et Amicitiae, Flemish Cultural Center De Brakke Grond.

For the experiences below, booking a ticket in advance is necessary. Each of the projects has several showings per day. 


Traversing the Mist

Interactive VR experience for multiple people

Arti et Amicitiae

Nov 10–19

One Two

Multi-sensory performance with night vision cameras

Arti et Amicitiae

Nov 11-13

William Quail’s Pyramid

Multimedia installation (partly an outdoor experience)

De Brakke Grond

Nov 10–19

Voice in My Head

AI experience

De Brakke Grond

Nov 10–19

Borderline Visible (collective experience)

Interactive audio experience

De Brakke Grond

Nov 11–15

(this conversation is) Off the Record

Performance lecture

De Brakke Grond

Nov 10, 12

Ticketed admission – Arti et Amicitiae

A ticket to the VR Gallery gets you a 50-minute time slot to experience multiple VR projects of your choice, undisturbed. To watch all the projects on offer, you need to reserve 4 time slots.

Nov 10–18 | 11:30–20:30
Nov 19 | 11:30–18:00

Live events

Ticketed admission – ARTIS-Planetarium, Flemish Cultural Center De Brakke Grond, Eye Filmmuseum


DocLab Live: Sensory Friction

De Brakke Grond

Nov 11

DocLab Live: The Art of Resistance

De Brakke Grond

Nov 13

DocLab Live: Microbes, Machines, and Ahorse!


Nov 14

DocLab Live: Koyaanisqatsi Special

Eye Filmmuseum

Nov 15


Flemish Cultural Center De Brakke Grond, Nes 45
Arti et Amicitiae, Rokin 112
ARTIS Planetarium, Plantage Kerklaan 38-40
Eye Filmmuseum, IJpromenade 1

View all of this year's DocLab locations on Google Maps.

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